Malted Vanilla Milk Shakes

This rich and creamy, made-for-two milk shake is great year round.


3/4 c chilled Lochmead Farms Whole Milk
1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise
2-1/4 c Lochmead Farms Vanilla Ice Cream
2 T malted milk powder
1/4 c malted milk balls (such as Whoppers or Maltesers; about 1 ounce), crushed in mortar with pestle or in processor


Place two 12-ounce (or larger) glasses in freezer to chill 1 hour.

Pour milk into blender. Scrape in seeds from vanilla bean; discard bean. Cover and blend 15 seconds. Add ice cream and malted milk powder and blend until thick and creamy, stopping to push down ice cream as necessary. Divide milk shake between chilled glasses. Top each with crushed malted milk balls and serve.

Tip: Look for malted milk powder in the supermarket aisle where dry milk powder is found or in the aisle with coffee, tea and cocoa.

Makes 2 servings