Our Commitment

darimart family


Connect and laugh with customers to give them an exceptional customer experience that uplifts their lives. We commit to:

  • Being the leading provider of quality food products at our best possible price
  • Growing our local, healthy offerings by expanding our central kitchen line, Fresh to Go
  • Making every store as part of its community
  • Welcoming everyone into our stores
  • Leading sustainability practices through our farming roots and stewarding of our land
  • Treating our employees as our most valuable resource
  • Connecting with our communities through our employees


We offer a friendly, personalized shopping experience in a clean environment with world class service and provide fresh, quality dairy products, food and beverages at the best prices.


We live by these principles every day:

Our Dairy: Since we milked our first cow in 1942, it has always been, and will always be, about quality. We provide fresh, wholesome dairy products to the families in our communities. We are passionate about what we do, from our cows to our customers.

Our Stores: We strive to be the leading provider of quality food products offering our best prices and fast service. We source local and fresh items, produce and healthy options from our own central kitchen. Our customers are greeted with friendly service in bright, clean stores.

Our Employees: Our employees are our most valuable resource and are responsible for our longevity and success. As our connection to our communities, our employees help ensure we have a positive impact on those around us.

Our Customer: Our customers are a part of our family. We’ve known many for years and have watched their kids grow up. We take care of each other. We are a community meeting place, and we serve our customers with integrity, a commitment to quality, respect for all and accountability for our actions.

Our Community: Each of our stores is a part of its community. Our employees, at all levels, are active participants in events and fundraisers for local organizations. We support and encourage volunteering. We believe in being a good neighbor.