Q: Are Lochmead Farms cows treated with the growth hormone (rBST or rBGH)?
A: No. We have never treated our cows with growth hormones and we never will.

Q: Are there antibiotics in Lochmead Farms milk?
A: No. We do not use antibiotics indiscriminately. Not only is every load of milk tested for antibiotics under federal mandate, we would never allow milk from a treated cow to enter production. Cows that receive treatment are separated from the herd until they receive a clean bill of health and treatment is complete.

Q: Is Lochmead Farms milk ultra-pasteurized?
A: No, our milk is pasteurized using conventional methods. Ultra-pasteurization allows for longer shelf life, but negatively affects the milk’s taste. We are dedicated to providing our customers with milk that is as near to farm fresh as possible and tastes like it too.

Q: Is Lochmead Farms milk homogenized?
A: Yes, homogenization helps keep the fat from separating, so that every glass of milk is the same.

Q: Is Lochmead Farms milk vitamin fortified?
A: Yes. All of our milk products are fortified with vitamin D. Our Skim, 1%, and 2% are fortified with vitamin A. Whole milk naturally has the right amount of vitamin A. If you are concerned about your calcium and probiotics intake, try our Skim Delight, which has added calcium and acidophilus bacteria, which are beneficial intestinal bacteria that support digestion and immune function.

Q: Why does the Half & Half look a little separated in my coffee at times?
A: Lochmead Half & Half is just fresh milk and cream. There is no stabilizer added, like you’ll find in other Half & Half. Since ours contains a little higher fat, sometimes there is a little separation when you add it to your hot beverage.

Q: Why isn’t Lochmead Farms milk organic?
A: Our goal is to provide our customers with the freshest tasting, highest quality milk at affordable prices. Although we have not actively sought organic certification, Lochmead takes great care in everything we do, including herd management, product development and manufacturing practices. Please see our sustainability section for more information.

Q: Where do the Dari Mart Cows come from?
A: All Dari Mart milk comes from cows that are born and raised on the family’s Lochmead Farm.

Q: Why not use glass for reusable milk containers?
A: For our distribution size, glass is not a practical option. Glass poses a risk for our operators and drivers. Also, the additional weight of glass would require much more energy to transport.

Q: How many gallons of milk does Lochmead Farms produce each day?
A: Lochmead Farms produces 6,000 gallons of milk each day.

Q: Where is Lochmead Dairy Located?
A: Lochmead Dairy is located in Junction City, Oregon.

Q: When did the First Dari Mart Stores Open?
A: Gladys started selling milk from our Lochmead Farms in our first Dari Mart Store in 1965.

Q: How often is the milk from Lochmead Farms sent to Lochmead Dairy?
A: The milk from Lochmead Farms is sent twice each day for processing at Lochmead Dairy and delivered to your local Dari Mart Stores within 48 hours of processing.

Q: What is the distance from Lochmead Farms to Lochmead Dairy?
A: It’s only 4 short miles from Lochmead Farms to Lochmead Dairy.