Lochmead Dairy

Our family’s Quality Chekd dairy

Since 1965, Lochmead Farms has been known as the southern Willamette Valley’s local, sustainable dairy. Located just four miles from our family’s dairy farm, we pasteurize and bottle our milk at the dairy and use the fresh cream to make our rich, premium ice cream.

Grandpa Howard Gibson thought it made sense for his small dairy to process its own milk and sell it directly to families in the local community. Uncle Jock agreed to build and manage the bottling plant, and that’s how our family’s dairy came to be.

As a member of Quality Chekd Dairies, a national dairy audit association, our milk bottling and ice cream plant has earned a “Superior” rating in 2007, 2008, and 2009. This seal of approval confirms the standards that we require of ourselves and proves to customers that our milk and ice cream meet the highest quality criteria.

At Lochmead Farms, our family is committed to a sustainable system that keeps the entire product lifecycle close to home, ensuring quality and freshness.