Milk Tips

Better tasting, longer lasting milk

To retain milk’s nutritional value and taste, safeguard against sunlight and oxidation.

The steps we take:

  • Our milk is stored in low-lit coolers usually for no more than one day.
  • Unlike supermarkets that use high-intensity fluorescent lights, milk sold at Dari Mart stores is intentionally kept away from fluorescent lighting.
  • We store and transport our milk at a temperature of 38˚F or below.

The steps you can take:

  • In sunny weather, transport your milk in re-usable bags, paper sacks, or the reusable cardboard milk carriers that we sell.
  • Don’t keep your milk in the car for long.
  • Pick up your milk on the last stop before arriving home.
  • Keep your refrigerator between 35˚ and 40˚F.
  • Don’t leave your milk open or sitting out longer than necessary.

This information will help your milk taste better longer, while keeping its nutritional value.