Donation request guidelines

We strive to support local events and be active in the communities we serve. Each week we receive hundreds of requests, and we can’t fund them all. Please allow us adequate time (a minimum of 30 days) to evaluate your request.

Criteria for donations

  • Provide your nonprofit organization’s Tax ID number
  • Submit a letter on your organization’s letterhead, which has your organization’s address on it
  • Provide a flyer, if available, with details of your event or nature of your request
  • Describe your event, if you don’t have a flyer
  • Include the date of your event
  • Include the name of the person to contact with a day time phone number
  • Understand that only one donation will be made to any organization each calendar year

Note: We do not support individual projects, trips or beauty pageants.

Requests must be mailed to arrive at our Corporate Office a minimum of 30 days before your event. No faxes or emails will be accepted, and stores cannot take requests.

Donations Coordinator
Dari Mart Stores, Inc.
125 East Sixth Ave.
Junction City, OR 97448

We appreciate your interest. Every request will be considered, but we cannot fund all requests. We provide donated items, as well as cash donations.